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New functionalities Holohostess 4

Recognition of human presence

Virtual Hostess recognizes human presence in 3 areas:
1) Above 3 meters
2) 2-3 meters
3) 1-2 meters
This functionality allows you to program different types of greetings. Hostess shows offer only when the user is in a specific distance.

Mood recognition

Avatar recognize facial expressions of a person in Near. He can distinguish a person from smiling sad and customize showing content.

Gesture control

There is no need to touch the screen, simply by using gestures to indicate an interesting topic, and Holohostess tell all in an accessible and friendly manner.

Collecting statistics

Holohostessa made by VISUALPROMO, allows you to collect statistics and view them through a dedicated website www. Statistics include:
1) How many people were in the zones Holohostessy
2) How many people turned his head toward Avatar
3) How many people have started to interact
4) What were interested individuals

Installation of games and additional modules

Holohostessa allows you to install games, displaying QR codes and additional modules, ie .:
– RFID reader
– Mini Printer
– Tablet screen keyboard

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