Holohostess v4 is new possibilities

  • User detection
  • Mood recognition
  • Creating statistics on interest
  • System for independent content management
  • Gesture control possibility
  • And much more options, such as: games instalation, display QR codes, RFiD readers, mini printer
A holohostess is a virtual assistant, an innovative and high-quality hologram that resembles a living person. The holohostess looks amazing as well as being smart and reliable.
She can easily welcome guests to a conference, present a product at a trade show, and assist you with handling clients or managing queuing clients. Any person can play the role of a holohostess, even an animated character.
Thanks to the features allowing it to interact with users it can detect any person walking by and check if they are interested. With the use of QR codes it is possible to present personalised content for specific users. Additional modules such as a printer (e.g. for printing promotional coupons or tickets), an RFID card reader or an external tablet can significantly enhance the abilities of your holohostess.
The holohostess is distinguished by its brightness; it looks remarkable in both dark and well lit rooms. Its small size makes it suitable even for narrow shop isles. Our content management system allows you to remotely operate multiple holohostesses by grouping or managing content as well as browsing user engagement statistics.
The holohostess will be instantly appreciated by your clients and business partners.

Holohostess v4 have also additional possibility live transmission. Utilization 3D hologram is effective way to interest users on trade fairs, conferences and events. Thanks to live transmission user will have the unique opportunity to talk with our Holohostessą. Real person, located in a special room on a regular basis will answer questions and will be displayed in the form of a holographic projection.

– Holohostess can fully handle your clients or forward them to the appropriate advisor.
– She can place customers in the queue, identifying their needs before, this is of particular importance in a high-traffic centers.
– This saves your staff time while increasing satisfaction.
– Reduces the waiting time of your customers, increasing quality of service.
– Holohostess communicate in a clear and legible way offer your business.
– Holohostess calls attention to itself wherever she goes.
– Adds prestige of your brand.
– Holohostess can be combined with a touch screen (up to 32 inches)
– Connecting the projection screen can increase the amount of content.
– You can adjust the Holohostess to an existing Digital Signage System.
– Fairs and exhibitions.
– Promotional events in shopping malls.
– Offices, public institutions, where it can act as information.
– In places where attraction of attention is particularly important.

Contact with us, and with support of our consultants together we will set goals based on your needs and prepare estimate. Our team of experts provide support, knowledge and creativity, which is capable of making your business plan efficiently, and together with you gain success
Costs of rental holohostess on one event starts from 800pln/day (~200usd/day).
With first event to price is needed to add one-off charges which are:
– Gauze actor/actress and work on film material
– Excision dedicated plexi
– Customize interface

Sample projects


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