10 lutego 2015 by Holographic screens

Holographic projection as a tourist attraction near Warsaw

As the first in Poland we created a educational hologram, whereby tourist can learn the history of Palace in Chrzęstne. We created a movie, which tells viewers about the most important events since the inception of palace. The animation shows the story of two young people,  who during their visit in palace they learn about the history associated with the Chrzęstne and its surroundings area. As ghosts appears: Norwid and Podkowinski, famous polish artists, who recall moments of their life. Holographic form allows the incorporation of the heroes in the interior of the palace, so the viewer has the impression that the story is happening right next to him. To create a hologram, we used three projectors, synchronized with each other. Two of them display the image on a transparent glass. The installation creates an amazing effect, reminiscent of holograms used to realize concerts with the participation of 2pac and Michael Jackson.

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